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“Well done is better than well said.”

Benjamin Franklin



McCann Complete Medical has evolved continually since we were established over 20 years ago. We are now a unique group of agencies providing insight-led, evidence-driven strategy and communication for clients in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and related sectors.


Who we are

McCann Complete Medical is a specialist
healthcare communication and consultancy group.
We bring together a unique team of experts providing insight-led, evidence-driven strategy and communication for clients in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology,
and related sectors.

We deliver world-class solutions in strategic consultancy, medical communication, pharmacy communication, real-world evidence, regulatory support, and digital excellence. We are able to formulate intelligent, inventive, and appropriate strategy and communication at any phase of the product life cycle.

Our Heritage

McCann Complete Medical started life over 20 years ago and quickly became one of the leading medical communication agencies. Our culture was founded on a set of progressive values – openness, respect, flexible family friendly working-, and a desire to embrace change. But focusing on the needs of our clients has always been our number one value. Our success and heritage was initially built upon a large, strong editorial and scientific capability, dedicated to delivering high-quality outputs on time and on budget. As we have continued to evolve, we have strengthened our client service and commercial expertise and added creative, digital, strategic, and market research capabilities to our offering.

Many of our staff have been part of the company for well over 10 years, and they help to ensure that our core values remain intact while we grow, innovate, and adapt to the changing environment. We became part of the IPG/McCann network in 1997, and adopted the McCann name in 2012. As part of McCann Health and the wider network, this gives us access to a broad range of specialist expertise and a worldwide network of local offices, which is a benefit to our clients and to our employees.


Our People

Charlie Buckwell

Charlie Buckwell
Chief Executive

Leading the development of Complete Medical into one of the largest, most capable, and best reputed agencies in the healthcare strategy and communication field.

Phillip Sutcliff

Phillip Sutcliffe
Chief Financial Officer

Under Phill’s financial stewardship, Complete Medical has grown turnover to >$60m and developed effective, robust financial management systems to protect and drive stakeholder interests.

Andrew Berrie

Andrew Berrie
Chief Operations Officer

Responsible for efficient business operations, from standard operating procedures and working practices to compliance and business continuity.

Caroline Horman-Smith

Caroline Horman-Smith
HR Director

Develops and delivers an integrated HR strategy in line with our business strategy, covering areas such as learning and development, performance management, reward and recognition, and HR policy.

Ceri James

Ceri James
Director of Innovation and Product Development

Ceri started in this new role in early 2013 and is responsible for driving innovation and collaboration across all different divisions within McCann Complete Medical as well as more broadly with McCann Health and the wider network.

Howie Jones

Howie Jones
Studio Director

Leads creative design delivery for all agencies across traditional, interactive, and immersive media as well as emerging technologies to deliver meaningful and memorable brand experiences.


Our agencies

McCann Complete Medical brings together a unique group of agencies providing insight-led, evidence-driven strategy and communication for clients in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and related sectors.

Through our agencies, we deliver world-class solutions in strategic consultancy, medical communication, real-world evidence, regulatory support and multichannel excellence.

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Working together

From evidence to action, our passion is to bridge the clinical care gap by combining insight and scientific evidence to improve healthcare outcomes for patients, enhancing the clinical and commercial success of our clients

Fully Connected

Connections are important to us, both our internal connections between our colleagues, teams and the external connections with a range of different healthcare stakeholders

Managing conflicts

By offering three distinct, firewalled medical communications agencies we have a robust conflict management structure across McCann Complete Medical.

We work transparently with clients to ensure the best expertise and the best resource is recommended for any given client need, taking into account the requirement for careful management of confidentiality and conflict.

Our governance team will

Assess RFI / RFP
opportunities as they arise, and recommend the best solution to meet client needs

Conduct health check reviews,
define KPIs, ensure quality, and service levels are achieved or exceeded

Two-way feedback:
drive sharing of best practice, and continually search for effectiveness, efficiency, innovation, and value


What we can
do for you

We provide complete strategic support and tactical delivery throughout your product’s life cycle, from clinical trials to patent expiration. We have the expertise and resources, paired with a robust conflict management structure which enables us to manage both your scientific and promotional programs across multiple therapeutic areas

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